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Anne Madden. A Retrospective, Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2007

Anne Madden: Colours of the Wind - Ariadne's Thread (Dublin City Gallery The Hugh lane 2017).
Fully illustrated catalogue, features essays by Brian O'Doherty and Yvonne Scott.

A Retrospective, Irish Museum of Modern Art (London: Scala in association with the IMMA, 2007)
Fully illustrated catalogue, features essays by Enrique Juncosa, Director, IMMA, and the poet Derek Mahon; a poem by Derek Mahon and a short text by Marcelin Pleynet; Anne Madden’s important essay A quest: some reflections on being a painter; and a comprehensive illustrated chronology compiled by Karen Sweeney.

Anne Madden, Profile Series (Gandon Editions, Kinsale, 2003)
Fully illustrated, features an essay and interview by Aidan Dunne.

The Garden of Love, Taylor Galleries, Dublin, 2002, with a text by Anne Haverty.

Anne Madden Trajectories, Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca, Mexico 2000
Introductory essay by Brian Kennedy, 100 pages, 23 colour plates, 12 B/W plates. Published by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca on the occasion of the exhibition Anne Madden & Louis le Brocquy, Trajectories - Images of Federico Garcia Lorca, from August 11 - 8 October 2000.

Empyrius, Centre International d’Art Contemporain, Carros, 1999, with an introduction by Marcelin Pleynet.

Anne Madden/Louis le Brocquy, Centre International d’Art Contemporain, Carros, 1998, with an introduction by Jean-Louis Prat.
Open Spaces, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny Castle, Ireland, 1998.

Anne Madden, Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin 1997
Introductory essay by Aidan Dunne, 58 pages, 29 colour plates. Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, November 12 , 1997 - 25 January, 1998.
"An artist who does something or makes something is inevitably engaging in a dialogue with others who have made or done something. And these works not only pursue that dialogue but passionately argue the case for its continuing relevance". Aidan Dunne, Art Critic, Irish Times.

Odyssée et Icare, Château de Tours, Tours, 1997, ed. Dorothy Walker.

Anne Madden, Galerie Sapone, Nice 1993. Introductory essay by Jean-Louis Prat, Director, Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul. 58 pages, 15 colour plates. Galerie Sapone, Nice, June 26 - 18 September, 1993. Quote: " L'opulente fraîcheur de ce Midi, les sensations irréelles de cette peinture diurn et nocture, se conjugent pour traduire le paroxysme et l'exubérance de la nature...". Jean Louis Prat, Dir. Fondation Maeght.

Drawings from Masters, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, 1992, with a foreword by the artist.

Anne Madden, Retrospective exhibition catalogue, Dublin 1991. The Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaion
Introductory essay by Aidan Dunne. 110 pages, 52 colour plates, 84 colour catalogue reference reproductions. RHA Gallagher Gallery Dublin, 2 - 28 July, 1991. Limerick City Gallery of Art, 6 - 31 August, 1991. Quote: "It is this quality that makes them, finally, affirmative: emblematic paintings of their time". Aidan Dunne, Art Critic, Irish Times

Anne Madden, Galerie Jeanne-Bucher, Paris 1989, 46 pages, 22 colour & B/W plates. Galerie Jeanne Bucher, September 21 - 28 October, 1989

Recent Works, Taylor Galleries, Dublin, 1987, including an artist’s statement.

New Works, Armstrong Gallery, New York, 1986, ed. Cleve Gray.

Pleynet, Marcelin. Suite sur la sorte de pensee quela peinture est pour elle-meme, Galeria Maeght, Barcelona 1985

Galerie Joachim Becker, Cannes, 1985, ed. Jean-Louis Prat.

The Bank of Ireland, Dublin, 1984, with an introduction by Dr James White.

Anne madden, Fondation Maeght, St. Paul, 1983
Introductory essay by Marcelin Pleynet Anne Madden dans la lumiere du jour. 40 pages, 23 colour & B/W plates. Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul, February 5 - 13 March, 1993. Quote:"Comme on le voit c'est avec la plus grande rigueur que, ce que nous pouvons maintenant appeler, l'univers d'Anne Madden se met en place dans les profondeurs du tissu logique de ses associations". Marcelin Pleynet, writer.

Galerie Darthea Speyer, Paris; Taylor Galleries, Dublin; Arts Council of Northern Ireland, 1979, with an essay by Dominique Fourcade.

Dawson Gallery, Dublin, 1977, with an introduction by Ronald Alley.

Galerie Darthea Speyer, Paris, 1976, with an introduction by Jacques Dupin La Pierre qui livre passage.

Anne Madden, Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin and Ulster Museum, Belfast, 1971, with an introduction by James White.

Anne Madden, Dawson Gallery, Dublin, 1968, with an introduction by James Johnson Sweeney.

Catalogue of an Exhibition of Paintings and Silver-plated Bronzes by Anne Madden, Leicester Galleries, London, 1967.

Anne Madden, Recent Watercolours, Leicester Galleries, London, 1961.

Anne Madden, Leicester Galleries, London, 1959.